SHA Scholarship

The Student Horticulture Association has developed an endowment fund for scholarships.  The amount awarded is different every year depending on how much is raised for the endowment. In order to qualify for one of our scholarships you must be a member of the club. Scholarships will only be awarded once in the student's tenure at Michigan State. It is usually awarded during the Spring semester.


Submission Deadline: April 15th, 2016
Late applications will not be considered.


2016 SHA Scholarship Application Form

Example of application requirements from previous years:

Email Address:
Category: (i.e. Horticulture Club Officer, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)
For how many semesters have you been a member of Hort Club?
Local Address:
Telephone Number:
Permanent Address:
Essay 1 or 2

1. Essay for students who have been members for more than one year
Please write a one page essay describing your participation in MSU Horticulture Club activities including offices held, participation in PLANET, MACHS, or other horticulture student competitions, as well as other Hort Club activities. We are also interested in what being a club member has meant to you. You may want to describe how being a club member has helped you reach your goals while at MSU and what you hope to do in the future with your horticulture degree.

2.Essay for students who have been members for less than one year
Please write a one page essay describing your interests in horticulture, what you hope to do in the future with a horticulture degree and how being an MSU Horticulture Club Member will help you reach your goals.

Decision of Awards and Announcement of Results:

The Hort Club faculty advisors and at least two additional faculty members with significant student interaction or who are members of the Horticulture Scholarship Committee will review the applications. They may ask for input from ineligible Hort Club members (those who were previously awarded a scholarship). The decisions will be announced at the Spring Show Dedication Ceremony. The awards will also be posted on the Hort Club website and outside the Undergraduate Advisor's office.

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