The MSU Hort Club volunteers helped plant 30 trees in a historic Detroit neighborhood.

First established in 1989, The Greening of Detroit is a not-for-profit organization that works towards the reforstation of Detroit's communities. The introduction of Dutch Elm Disease coupled with the recent devastation brought about by the Emerald Ash Borer have left Detroit, which was once famous for its lush street tree canopy, with many neighborhoods completely devoid of any street trees at all.  After learning about the service opprotunity from a Hort Club member who has been involved with Greening of Detroit for over eight years, the Horticulture Club picked a planned planting day in early November and then hoped the ground wouldn't freeze solid by then.  On Nov. 12th Hort Club volunteers drove to Novi to help plant some trees in a quiet  neighborhood.  All the volunteers were greeted by the Neighborhood club and were given refreshments as the history of the area was explained.  Some of the residents were so excited about the new trees going in that they came out and grabbed a shovel when volunteers got to their front yard.  The Hort Club helped plant  trees of varying species. It was a very gratifying experience for all Hort Club members involved knowing that we were part of an outstanding organization that has helped restore, in total, over 60,000 trees to the urban forest system of the Greater Detroit area including community parks, schools, and of course, neighborhoods like the one pictured above.


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