Event Background:

The club makes an effort every year to take a camping trip to a place of horticultural interest shortly after the semester begins.  Anyone in the club is more than welcome to participate.  The cost varies from year to year, depending on what exactly we do and where it takes place.  For example the cost per person for 2009 when the club went white water rafting in West Virginia was drastically higher than the year before that when the club went camping in Michigan.  Typically members provide their own transportation and camping equipment if needed.  No one is left out should you not have car or tent to your name.  The club usually carpools and there are usually more than enough tents to go around as hort majors seem to have a love for all things outdoors...(most plants live outdoors right?) Regardless of the details it is always a good time as well a great opportunity to get to know your fellow Club members.


This year's trip:

The Hort Club went camping Sept 27th-29th to Fernwood Botanical Garden and Nature Preserve. Members carpooled down to South West Michigan on Friday Sept 27thand we stayed until Sunday afternoon. On Saturday the club spend several hours volunteering for Fernwood. We made a bird nest and a willow tunnel in their childrends garden. The members also helped out with some potting and planting of the grounds. After work on Saturday the club went to a local resurante named Wheatberry, and then took a trip to lake Michigan which it about a half hour away from the gardens. Other activities included hiking and a bon fire. As a whole the trip went really well and everyone had an awesome time.